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Dermal fillers can contour facial features, improve the signs of ageing and sculpt imperfections... But what if we could rejuvenate those areas at the same time?

The concept

Plasma Gel Bio Filler is an aestheticians best friend. Using the bodies own natural plasma and turning it into a powerful dermal filler.

The procedure

Stage 1 -

A phlebotomist will begin by taking your blood, then transfer it to a centrifuge where it is spun at high speed and separates the plasma from the red blood cells.

The PRP (platelet rich plasma) is then extracting, containing your own now 'supercharged' stem cells and growth factors.

Stage 2 -

The PRP is then heated and cooled at precise temperatures and timings, turning the plasma liquid into a mouldable dermal filler, which can then be injected via needle or cannula to the desired area.


No risk of allergic reaction

More natural result

Rejuvenates as well as sculpts

No risk of rejection

No hard lumps

Ideal treatment areas

Tear Troughs






Nasolabial Folds

Marionette Lines



Two treatments are recommended and can last up to a year

Like many other industries, not all practitioners are equal.

Plasma Gel Bio Filler is an extreme specialism. It requires a highly skilled, and advanced practitioner, that has been specialising in facial sculpting for many years.

One of the first practitioners and trainers in the aesthetics industry, Louise Fitzpatrick-Marshall, CEO and founder of multi award winning Aesthetica Skin Clinics (Birmingham and Weston-super-Mare) has been specialising in this procedure for both men and women since 2011.

Undergoing all procedures herself, Louise understands the insecurities of both men and woman over 35 face and is sympathetic to the needs to slow down ageing..

Gaining a loyal celebrity following for her innovation in mastering and creating natural, anti ageing results, Louise has been developing Plasma Gel Bio Filler for over a decade.

Louise’s passion for improving the way people feel about their appearance and in particular perfecting facial contouring, is apparent in her long commitment, in listening to her clients and ongoing incredible results.

To book a consultation, contact our friendly team below:

IG: aestheticaclinic

FB: aestheticawsm

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