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Non Surgical Rhinoplasty (Liquid Nose Job)

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

If your considering a surgical nose job (Rhinoplasty), there is another option..

With virtually no downtime, risk of complications or anaesthesia and at a fraction of the price of surgery, a one hour treatment once a year has been hailed as the latest and reversible, innovative procedure.

From minor imperfections, slimming and defining, tip lifts, lumps, humps, twists, broken noses and even full reconstructions can be dramatically improved with an injectable, virtually painless dermal filler.

Who would have thought you could have a nose job, to completely change your profile in your lunch break?

A common misconception with this procedure is that adding a product would make the nose look larger.. in fact quite the opposite is true..

Changing the angle of facial features and in particular the nose, actually gives the illusion of being smaller!

Like many other industries, not all practitioners are equal. Non-surgical Rhinoplasty, is an extreme specialism. It requires a highly skilled, and advanced practitioner, that has been specialising in liquid nose reconstruction for many years.

One of the first practitioners and trainers in the aesthetics industry, Louise Fitzpatrick-Marshall, CEO and founder of multi award winning Aesthetica Skin Clinics (Birmingham and Weston-super-Mare) has been specialising in this procedure for both men and women since 2011.

Having a rhinoplasty surgery herself at just 18, due to an accident, she understands the insecurities that come with not being able to conceal a facial imperfection.

Gaining a loyal celebrity following for her innovation in mastering and creating a natural, yet perfect nose and has even developed an organic option (plasma gel bio filler) made from your own plasma!

Louise’s passion for improving the way people feel about their appearance and in particular perfecting nasal contouring, is apparent in her long commitment, in listening to her clients and ongoing incredible results.

To book a consultation, contact our friendly team below:

IG: aestheticaclinic

FB: aestheticawsm

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